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Big Game Fishing out of Watamu

Welcome to Alleycat big game fishing, owned and run by Capt. Peter Darnborough. Pete has fished off Watamu Kenya for the last forty years, of which twenty eight have been as a professional big game fishing skipper. Pete's boundless enthusiasm combined with his undoubted experience makes a trip with him a special occasion every time.


North Kenya Coast

"We still have some of the most exciting fishing anywhere on offer, Grand Slams, Super Slams and even Fantasy Slams on billfish are a very real dream here"

Pete Darnborough

Fishing charters with Pete Darnborough

Alleycat Fishing offers a variety of fishing trips, catering for the beginner or the fanatical billfish fishermen, please contact us for prices.

Our fishing charters are based out of Watamu, but we do fish out of other locations along the East African coast on request.

Full day sports fishing

Ten hours

If you are a serious fisherman you'll want to go for a long day as this gives you the best chance of being out there when the fish come up and start to take.

This takes ten hours, starting at 6:30am to 4:30pm. Due to the distance to travel from Watamu you will need to book a long day if you want to fish for sailfish off Malindi or head out into the deep water looking for marlin later in the season.

Half day sports fishing

Six and a half hours

This takes six and a half hours, starting at 6:30am to 1:00pm. This is perfect for the beginner or early season when the fishing is just outside the Watamu harbor. A short day can always be extended while you are at sea if everybody is enjoying it or the fishing is too good to leave as it often is in the afternoon.

Night Fishing

Overnight - 18 hours

This is for the serious fisherman, you leave at 10:00am on the first day. Fish overnight for broadbill swordfish then return to Watamu on the second day at 4:00pm. These are the trips when you have a great chance at grand slams, super grand slams or the fabled fantasy slam.

Creek fishing

Four hours

This is normally dinghy fishing with light tackle for Giant trevalley, Bluefin trevalley. barracuda, snapper, rock cod and various other species found in the creek or on the reef.
Methods of fishing include spinning, trolling, fly fishing and bottom fishing, all produce results.
It's a great way to spend the day. Ideal for kids and adults.

Salt water fly-fishing

Full or half day

A super exciting way to fish for Sailfish.

This can be done on either a long day or a short day. Primarily targeting Sailfish but Marlin and other game fish also available to the fly fisherman. Anglers must bring their own tackle and flies ,however we do have a back up fly rod available

"I think over the years I have learnt that whilst fishing is about catching fish it is also about enjoyment, the Oceans offer many incredible sights, whales, dolphins, turtles, feeding frenzies, sea birds and the whole eco systems surrounding floating objects that are often worth stopping near and just taking a few minutes to enjoy." - Pete Darnborough, Watamu

Deep-sea fishing off the Kenya Coast

Fishing Areas and Destinations

Information about some of the big game fishing areas off the Kenya Coast, including fishing harbours and towns, and offshore fishing areas.

Fish Species and Seasons

Information about pelagic fish species off the Kenyan coastline and when to target them. Including blue, black and striped marlin, broadbill swordfish, wahoo, tuna, dorado, cobia, and many more.

Fishing Safaris

Alleycat operate fishing safaris along the Kenyan coastline. Whether you want to head down south to target the striped marlin run off Shimoni or head north to Lamu or Kiwayu hunting the big black and blue marlin that congregate off the north end of the North Kenya Bank or the vast numbers of sailfish that can be encountered there when conditions are right.

Big game fishing destinations in Kenya


North Kenya coast


North Kenya coast


North Kenya coast

North Kenya Banks


The Rips


The Banks

Close offshore


South Kenya coast


South Kenya coast

Pemba Channel

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