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Watamu BeachWatamu is situated at the very center of the Kenyan coast line. As soon as you get across Watamu's protective coral reef you are in to some of the best fishing Kenya has to offer. Undoubtedly the most prolific black marlin fishing in Kenya is right there on your door step on the Watamu banks or mountains. A little further out (17 miles) you will find the Rips where blue marlin, black marlin, striped marlin and sailfish are found in good numbers. Huge numbers of sailfish congregate ten miles north off Malindi and the Sabaki estuary at the right time of year, bringing some amazing fishing, especially for the fly or light line fisherman. Heading south you will find  Wesa and Kilifi that can produce good numbers of game and billfish when conditions are right.

"We still have some of the most exciting fishing anywhere on offer, grand slams, super slams and even fantasy slams on billfish are a very real dream here, last season (2008/09) produced 2 super slams for us on Alley Cat with the 1st one being 1 black marlin, 1 striped marlin, 3 swordfish and 2 sailfish and the second one 1 blue marlin est. over 350kgs, 1 black marlin est. over 300kgs , 1 striped marlin and 3 sailfish, ALL released, one very happy fisherman !"

Pete Darnbourough

Below is Pete's basic breakdown of the Watamu fishing season:
  • July, August and September is one of the most fun parts of the season with good mixed bags of black marlin, sailfish, wahoo, kingfish, giant trevally and yellowfin tuna being readily available within 5 miles of base.
  • October, November and December is mainly sailfish season, when we run fast up to Malindi, approximately 12 miles before we start fishing.
  • January, February and March are main marlin months with black, blue and striped marlin on the Rips also good numbers of Sailfish at this time.
  • February and March is also a good time for broadbill swordfish making the chance of a fantasy slam a real possibility.

Fishing Safaris - When requested Pete can run fishing safaris from Watamu, either to Lamu on the north coast or Shimoni on the south.

Kenyan coast lineLamu is an old Arab town steeped in history that is situated on the south end of a archipelago of islands. Further north is the Robinson Crusoe style islands of Kiwayu and Koi. Lamu is a days fishing north of Bone FishWatamu and has a number of exiting reasons to try one of these once in a life time trips, the in shore fishing up in these sparsely populated area's can be very rewarding with the chance to fish for bone fish (as seen on the left), mangrove snappers, trevally, barracuda and if your really lucky an African tarpon or pompano. Further out the sailfish fishing can be quite extraordinary in the early part of the season while later at the peak of the marlin season, this is the area that many of the big fish fishermen like to hunt for that chance of a thousand pound  blue or black marlin.

Shimoni a day fishing south, on its day an amazing area for striped marlin, there have been days with over ten striped marlin tagged on a boat and in the deep water between Pemba island and the main land there is always the chance of a blue or black marlin.

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Recommended Accommodation
The Hermon Gill House
Up market house with air-conditioning and ceiling fans in each of the 3 twin rooms.  All the rooms  have ensuite bathroom (one with a bath). Can accommodate seven (two extra beds can be added in the TV room to increase to nine pax).  Has Sat TV, large sitting room, generator, Securicor buttons, staff includeing two cooks, large pool with changing and barbeque area, beach front and a 15 min walk along the beach to the hotels.
The Nicholson House
Good value beach front holiday house, 2 twin bedrooms one of which has ensuite bathroom.  There is another shower/toilet and basin in the house for the other bedroom to use.  Can accommodate max of 6 as made a semi room at the end of the verandah.  Has cook, general house cleaner, day and night watchman, securicor buttons, portable fans in the rooms.
Nicholson House
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Bird Shooting
- Pete also holds a professional hunters license and takes bird shooting trips up to where his brother has a shooting lodge on Galana Ranch. Galana and Kulalu ranches cover over one million acres that runs alongside Tsavo national park. Here you can shoot guinea fowl, sand grouse, francolin, spur fowl, quail, pigeon and dove.

Shooting Season - 1st July to 31st October & 1st February to 31st March Sand Grouse all types – 20 per gun day

Galana SunsetGuinea FowlGuinea Fowl, Francolin, Spur Fowl all types – 10 of any one species up to 15 per gun day

1st June to 31st March - Pigeons & dove – 25 per gun day

No closed Season for Quail – 20 per gun day 

Requirements for bird shooting include: Bird shooting license (valid for one year) and a Temporary permit to possess (TPP) a firearm (valid for the duration of the safari only)

The following information is required to process the above licenses: (At least one weeks notice must be given) Copy of passport and Address & Occupation

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