Pelagic Fish Conservation

Conservation and research of pelagic fish in Kenyan waters

We share the same conservation objectives as the IGFA, which are

'founded on the beliefs that game fish species, related food fish, and their habitats are economic, social, recreational, and aesthetic assets which must be maintained, wisely used and perpetuated; and that the sport of angling is an important recreational, economic, and social activity which the public must be educated to pursue in a manner consistent with sound sporting and conservation practices.'

- International Game Fish Association (IGFA)

Tag and Release

Tag and release of billfish was introduced in Kenya game fishing in the early 1980s and has since become the norm, with by far the majority of billfish caught on professional sports fishing boats being tagged and released.

With recent advances in satellite tags, a good number of billfish have been tagged with satellite tags, allowing for gps data to be recorded by scientsts studying the billfish around the world.


Alleycat Fishing has been involved in a number of marine research projects including a study of tiger sharks off the Kenya Coast. Alleycat successfully tagged and release a number of these sharks over on multiple charters with research scientists on Alleycat.