Swahili culture, inshore fishing and deep-sea fishing


Lamu is an old Arab town steeped in history that is situated on the south end of a archipelago of islands. Further north is the Robinson Crusoe style islands of Kiwayu and Koi.

Lamu is a days fishing north of Watamu and has a number of exciting reasons to try one of these once in a life time trips, the in shore fishing up in these sparsely populated area's can be very rewarding with the chance to fish for bone fish (as seen on the left), mangrove snappers, trevally, barracuda and if your really lucky an African tarpon or pompano.

Further out the sailfish fishing can be quite extraordinary in the early part of the season while later at the peak of the marlin season, this is the area that many of the big fish fishermen like to hunt for that chance of a thousand pound  blue or black marlin.

Lamu Accommodation

Peponi Hotel

Hotel, Shela

Peponi is a small hotel on the exotic island of Lamu, in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Kenya. Peponi is still run by the Korschen family, who opened the hotel in 1967 and still retains much of the character and charm that it had then. Small and personal, it is the perfect rest after a safari or a hide away holiday from modern life.

Manda Bay

Beach Resort, Manda Island

Manda Bay, a jewel in Kenya's stunning coastline, is the perfect escape for families, honeymooners, and couples looking for the ultimate 'no shoes, no news' experience. The small boutique lodge located on the tip of an unspoilt, idyllic island in Lamu's archipelago where you  kick off your shoes and enjoy simplistic beauty in palm thatched cottages and open living spaces.

Guest Houses

Lamu visitor information

There is good selection of guest houses available for holiday rental in Shela and Lamu Town.

Visit the Discover Lamu website for more infomation