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Overnight Deep-sea Fishing

  • Trip Type

    Small group of up to 4 people

  • Duration

    36 hours

  • Starting Location


  • Final Destination


Night fishing trips out of Watamu


Primarily targeting Broadbill swordfish but also can be productive for sharks.

These trips can be either a full 36 hour day night day trip targeting Malin, Sailfish ,Tuna and Swordfish or just a overnight trip leaving port mid afternoon in order to get out to the fishing grounds and returning home early morning 9 am.

Fishing Areas

Fishing out of Watamu on a long day gives a wide range of options. We usually fish on the Watamu Banks in July, August and September.

We often run north to the Malindi banks in October, November and December which is the best time of year for sailfish.

Over the peak Malrin season in January, February and March we generally fish further off shore in areas such as the Rips.


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Big game fishing on Alleycat is what deep sea fishing is all about

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